Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is touch less soap dispenser needed ? Even if dispenser cap is infected, since I wash hands after dispensing, any germs will be killed.

Effectiveness of hand wash in killing germs depends on the quality of the hand wash solution and the correct usage procedure.
Even the best soap solution , used in the proper 20 seconds method can kill only 99% of germs.
This is best case scenerio. On a practical average , only 60-80% germs get killed in a normal person handwash.

So it is better to go hands-free and avoid contamination in the first place.

2)  Why do I need a touch less dispenser at home?

Say you go out to office/shop and return home. You press the soap dispenser and wash your hands. 

Now u have unintentionally transferred any virus in your hands to the soap bottle lid. 

Now any one else in your family comes and uses the soap, can catch the virus. 

Typically wash-basin is inside your house. Which means your have to touch the calling bell, keys, door latch, door knob, door inside latch , tap etc. etc. before reaching the hand wash station. Same is the case with any other visitor to your house ( maid, delivery boys, guests etc.). So it is better you keep a touch less sanitizer dispenser at your front door also. ( wall mount or stand-alone ), so the Virus never enters your home.