• Cut any revolved shape in EPS/Styrofoam/Thermocol (Cylinder, Cone, Ball, Pillar, SnowMan, Bell etc)
  •  Cylinder/Cone: Length, Diameter : Variable from 25 mm – 500 mm. Ball diameter: Adjustable from 25 mm to 500 mm.
  • Precise stepper motor control for very slow and precise rpm control.
  • Control Panel for automatic and easy operation.
  • Easy and quick changeover from one part (cylinder , cone, ball, pillar etc), size ( 25 mm to 500 mm)  to another part, size.
  • Pre- bent NiCr wires for various ball sizes ( 25, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm dia)


  • This hand held tool is very convenient to make holes and inner cutouts on styrofoam / EPS Thermocol.
  • Hand held tool for high speed cutting speed 800mm/min on high density EPS thermocol.
  • For model making and crafting as hobby on Thermocol. Also recommended for mounting on CNC machine.
  • Very low DC voltage 6V 2A power supply.
  • Cutting length of knife: 76mm (3 inch)
  • Diameter of the knife: 1.5 mm.


  • Cuts thermocol/ styrofoam to any desired shape.
  • For model making and crafting as hobby on thermocol , styrofoam
  • Can be used as a hand-held tool or can be fixed to the stand provided with the machine.
  • The design can be drawn on thermocol / styrofoam directly or glued to it and cutting can be done.
  • Mounted tool can also be used as hand held tool or as a bow cutter.
  • To make it a bow cutter, the nichrome wire is fixed to the U-plate/bow cutter , the adapter is plugged in, and cutting is done by holding the bow/U-plate in the hand.
    In this case, the thermocol is kept stationary and the bow is moved in the desired direction.

Instructional Video for Multi Purpose Foam Styler®

Tailor Styrofoam to any Shape/Size using Multi Purpose Foam Styler®