How to do string art without nails


Need for string art without nails arises because kids can often get hurt while using nails and hammer, and this prevents kids from learning to do string art.

With string art, basic Math concepts like addition and multiplication can be learnt in an easy and fun filled way.
Let us see how to go about doing this.
The first step would be to draw the string art pattern using color pens/pencils on a paper with points marked on it .
The second step would be be to string the same string art pattern.

For the first step you need:
1. A 30 points paper with numbers marked on the outer circle . Click here to download.
2. Color pencils/pens
Learning Addition: Add 9 (for example)
0 + 9 = 9 ; join 0 and 9
1 + 9 = 10 ; join 1 and 10
2 + 9 = 11 ; join 2 and 11 and so… do for all point up to 30. A pattern emerges.

For the second step you need:
1. A circular cardboard or a circular slab or frame with notches on the rim for the points.
2. Colored strings like the embroidery threads.

Or a kit with the above two like the GreaMake String Art Kit

Make a knot at 0 and start stringing from 0 to 9 in front, followed by 9 to 1 at the back, followed by 1 to 10 at the front and so on.

The same pattern emerges. This helps the kid learn math addition in a fun filled way!